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A next-generation supplier specializing in advanced electric propulsion and actuation.

We Get Your Pain

We've been on the front lines, wrestling with hardware that seemed to have a mind of its own. Remember those 52-week lead times, those endless hours spent debugging instead of creating? We remember them too.

Our hardware and software solutions are easy to use, reliable, and come with short lead times. Because at Salient Motion, we believe that your time should be spent on building your system, not debugging ours.

How We Do It

Designed and manufactured in California

Lightning-fast delivery with our California-designed and manufactured hardware.

Design and Test Software

Our easy-to-use software tool lets you quickly and easily validate your system without any unnecessary headaches.

Dead simple integration

Proprietary motor control schemes paired with robust hardware leverages us to do your dirty work, so you can focus on building your product.

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Engineered and built in the USA

Our US-based team exclusively utilizes domestic parts and PCB manufacturing in our products. Clear communication, fast delivery, and the utmost emphasis on quality go hand-in-hand with our hardware.

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