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Unmanned Propulsion Systems

Is your UAV supply chain secure?
  • Growing demand for NDAA compliant UAVs
  • All Salient Products are NDAA compliant
  • Vortex is engineered specifically for next generation UAVs

When you need the whole package

Preferred Vendors

It's no secret that foreign manufacturers dominate the small unmanned air systems (sUAS) market - a cause of concern for national security. While the regulations seeking to mitigate this risk are still evolving, and requirements can vary by agency, US-based drone companies seeking government contracts are increasingly targeting NDAA compliance for their vehicles. From day one, Salient has elected to only use vendors from allied nations.

Maximum Performance

Our proprietary control architecture allows you to design redundancy into your system from day one. Sensor failure doesn’t mean loss of control; high frequency injection paired with field-oriented control enables maximum performance at any speed (even from standstill). By generating more torque per amp than other techniques, our fully-closed loop, sensorless field-oriented control scheme offers drop-in improvements to flight dynamics and/or range - whatever best suits your application.  Our initial UAV customers have reported 15-20% thrust improvements compared to competing controller options.

Compliant & Reliable

Historically, NDAA-compliant component manufacturers have seen modest demand for their products. For many, price wars with foreign manufacturers drove aggressive cost cutting in an effort to remain competitive. This race-to-the-bottom mentality impacted both product performance and quality. We've competitively benchmarked numerous devices in our lab, and often see a wisp of smoke from a device under a load well within it's operating range - a consequence of corners cut. The post-regulation market needs compliant, reliable electronics. Vortex is designed to work with your system quickly & easily, every time.

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