Case Study

Class-Leading Power Density

How do we make such power dense devices?
Dust Devil
  • Power density can unlock previously impractical applications.
  • Dust Devil provides 2kW of power in a 54 gram package.
  • Our power density never dilutes features or reliability.

Surging demand for smaller, lighter products

Surging demand for electrical actuation in weight-sensitive applications means component providers must develop smaller, lighter products. This requires collaboration between electrical teams, focusing on board layout and component choice, and mechanical teams, handling structures and thermal management. Competing products often show signs of unbalanced team input, resulting in suboptimal designs.

2kW power in a compact 50V, 40A package

The Dust Devil controller exemplifies effective collaboration, delivering 2kW power in a compact 50V, 40A package, measuring 0.74in x 1.74in x 2.3in and weighing 21 grams. Customers report significant size and weight reductions compared to previous solutions, often between 50-80%. This miniaturization enables new product development, improving wiring installation and maintenance due to increased space around connectors.

Efficient, sensor-free control of brushless DC motors

Dust Devil uses Salient’s proprietary Sensorless Field-Oriented Control algorithm for efficient, sensor-free control of brushless DC motors. Unlike other sensorless solutions, ours maintains closed-loop control from a standstill, improving reliability and eliminating the need for additional sensors. This enhances system dependability and  leads to cost reductions in sensor-dependent applications.

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