Case Study

Next-Gen Industrial Systems

Lighter, more efficient drop-in replacements for induction motors.
  • Axial flux motor topology is vastly lighter than induction.
  • Scalable up to 30 horsepower, serving a broad industrial market.
  • Available now: 1-3 hp, speed controlled, 240VAC line-starting.

The industrial sector needs efficient, lightweight, alternatives to the induction motors commonly used in pump, fan, & HVAC systems.

Seamless Integration

Salient’s Pulsar motor drive is the best option when retrofitting an existing drive unit due to its modularity, designed as a line-replaceable unit that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure without any modifications. Pulsar is a high-voltage, fully sensorless system engineered to power brushless motors, better known in the field as electronically commutated motors (ECMs).

Smaller, Lighter, More Efficient

ECMs offer superior efficiency, longevity, & weight. Lighter, smaller ECMs require fewer resources to stock, transport, install, & maintain. But adoption has been limited by the complexities of AC-DC conversion, which traditionally requires bulky & expensive capacitors.  Pulsar's design, paired with the ability to directly accept AC power, eliminates the need for a conventional AC-DC conversion process. This breakthrough is made possible by leveraging Salient Motion’s proprietary reduced capacitance algorithm, enabling efficient AC-DC conversion in three-phase motor drives without large DC capacitors.


As a 1-3 HP solution, Pulsar is designed to be versatile – offering significant cost & weight savings across a wide range of industrial applications. Upgrading to more efficient, quieter, & more controllable motor operations has never been easier.  

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